Grotta di Fumane pubblicata su Montagne 360°

In questi giorni è presente su tutte le edicole d’Italia con una tiratura di oltre 200mila copie il numero di novembre della Rivista del Club Alpino Italiana Montagne 360°. La rivista ospita un’intervista al Direttore, Prof. Marco Peresani, in cui oltre a descrivere il sito e il suo straordinario archivio archeologico, presenta le ultime novità della ricerca scientifica e focalizza il punto sul futuro. 

Ancora una volta Fumane manifesta il suo potenziale nel catalizzare l’attenzione del mondo alpinistico e dei cultori della montagna trattando temi di grande fascino. In allegato la copertina del numero di novembre.
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The tooth and the DNA of the first Sapiens in Fumane

Science journal has published the results of the paleoanthropological and paleogenetic study carried out on a deciduous incisor found in the first years of excavation in the level A2 of Fumane, containing Protoaurignacian industry .
The application of computed microtomography for the morphometric analysis of the tooth and the refinement of the techniques of DNA sequencing, carried out by a team of researchers of the University of Bologna and at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, have confirmed the tooth belonged to one of the the first European Sapiens.

Original article on Science:

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Neanderthal jewels on show in France from 11th April

From April 11th to 30th November, at the Grand Pressigny Museum of Prehistory in Tours, the temporary exhibition “Néandertal, Un mystère préhistorique” is an assemblage of extraordinary objects from 45,000 years ago, found in the caves of Europe. Alongside the full scale reconstruction of a hut found in the Mandrin Cave, for the first time ever on show together are replica and original eagle talons, supposedly used as ornaments, from Grotta di Fumane, Grotta del Rio Secco and other French sites.

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Download a recent scientific article on the use of eagle talons at:

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